Specialty Services

032Pre-Natal Massage

Perhaps one of the only places in Cebu where this is offered, we have dedicated Spa Specialists for this service. Few specialists are trained and allowed to do this delicate service for the mother-to-be. Please book ahead of time to ensure we can fit you in this special session beneficial to both mother and the baby within.



033Geriatric Massage

Our Geriatric Massage addresses specific issues common to elderly individuals such as increased fragility and sensitivity to touch. Our skilled Spa Specialists will help ease stress, depression, strained tension and other emotions related to the accomplishment of growing older. Going through this gentle and specialized service will not only be a memory to smile to after the service, this will also help boost your immune system and ease the aches and pains which plague many elderly bodies.


014Bamboo Massage

Finding its roots in Eastern spa practices, our signature Bamboo Massage is for our clients who need deep-tissue massage for overworked tensioned muscles. This massage is used to stretch and compress the muscle tissues to get you ready for the next challenge you put them through.







005Herbal Compress Massage

Our in-house Herbal Compress Massage provides a unique approach to therapeutic treatment. The exquisite effect of combining herbal, aromatic, thermal and massage therapies in one is truly beneficial to those who want to be pampered completely.  Each compress is specifically made for each client and contains an array of organic medicinal herbs and essential oils. The experience you feel in this specialized service will be your own secret to cherish.